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Thank you for visiting FuturesKnowledge.com. We provide education, quotes, charts, analytic tools, and commentary on the global futures markets. Launched in 2004, and acquired in 2014 by a couple Investopedia.com ex-pats, including one of the Co-founders, our goal is to educate and provide a unique perspective to a complex yet incredibly important financial market and system. The futures market isn't just for traders and speculators, it's also for business owners, farmers, and individuals looking to hedge risk, gain price protection, or even gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

The Team

Cory Wagner
 (Follow @WagSC)

Cory Wagner Cory is a graduate of the University of Alberta School of Business, entrepreneur, and proud father of 3. He co-founded Investopedia.com in 1999 eventually selling to Forbes Media in 2007.  Cory has invested in several other startups, including an early investor and board member with Mitre Media Corp. and is active in the Thoroughbred racing industry as an owner and breeder.

Chad Langager (Follow @clangager)

Chad LangagerChad is a graduate of the University of Alberta School of Business.  Chad started as an intern at Investopedia.com and eventually headed up a significant portion of the product and content development. Chad has been involved in the startup scene since leaving Investopedia and is an avid cyclist.

Mike Berg (Follow @ekimgreb)

Mike BergMike is a graduate of the University of Alberta. Mike worked as a developer at Investopedia.com in 2006 before leaving to work as a consultant. Mike is an avid guitar player and enjoys all things music.

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