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Grains Futures

Grain futures include soybean, corn, and wheat contracts which are all worth 5,000 bushels. The associated CBOT mini contracts have a 1,000 bushel value. The grain commodities include Barley (WCE), Canola, (CBOT), Corn (CBOT), Corn (MIDAM), Flaxseed (WCE), Oats (CBOT), Feed Peas (WCE), Rough Rice (CBOT), Soybeans (CBOT), Soybeans (MIDAM), Soybean Meal (CBOT), Soybean Oil (CBOT), Wheat (CBOT), Wheat Feed (WCE), and Wheat (MIDAM). The items in parenthesis are the markets that the grains are traded on. They are CBOT, WCE, and MIDAM which stand for the Chicago Board of Trade, Winnipeg Commodity Exchange, and Mid America Commodity Exchange (MIDAM), respectively.

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