Ticker Symbols in the Futures Market

The futures and commodities market has employed a standardized method of abbreviating contract and their expiration date.  The first two letters of a ticker symbol represent the underlying contract (ie. "CL" for Crude Oil). The next letter in the ticker represents the month that the contract expires (ie. "H" for March).  The final number is representative of the the year the contract expires (ie. "4" for 2014).  In other words a ticker symbol of CLH5 is the ticker of a Crude Oil contract that expires in March 2015.

January = F February = G March = H April = J
May = K June = M July = N August = Q
September = U October = V November = X December = Z


Crude Oil CL Copper HG
Unleaded Gas HU Gold GC
Heating Oil HO Gold/Kilo KI
Natural Gas NG NG Mid-Am New York Gold XK
    Platinum PL
    Palladium PA
    SIlver/5000 OZ SI
    Silver/1000 OX (CBT) AG
    Mid-Am New York Silver XY


CurrenciesSymbolInterest RatesSymbolIndexesSymbol
Emini Yen JE Eurodollar ED Emini Nasdaq EN
Swiss Franc SF Treasury Bills TB NYSE Composite YX
Mid-Am Swiss Franc XS Mid-Am T-Bill XT S&P 500 SP
Deutschemark DM Treasury Bonds US E-mini S&P ES
Mid-Am Deutschemark XM Mid-Am Treasury Bonds XB Value Line VL
Japanese Yen JY 10 Yr T. Notes TY Mini Value Line MV
Mid-Am Japanese Yen XJ Mid-Am Ten Year XN CRB Index CR
British Pound BP Municipal Bond MB Nikkei Stock Index NK
Mid-Am British Pound XP Five Year FV Goldman Index GS
Canadian Dollar CD Two Year TU Mid Cap MD
Mid-Am Canadian Dollar XD EuroYen (front month) EY Nasdaq 100 NQ
French Franc FR     Russell 2000 RT
Australian Dollar AD     Dow Jones DJ
Mexican Peso ME     Internet Index IS
Brazilian Real BR        
Russian Ruble RU        
US Dollar Index DX        
Emini Euro M7        


Corn C Feeder Cattle FC Cocoa CO
Mid-Am Corn XC Live Cattle LC Coffee “C” KC
Oats O Mid-Am Cattle XL Cotton #2 CT
Mid-Am Oats XO Boneless Beef BB Orange Juice OJ
Soybeans S Lean Hog LH Sugar #11 SB
Mid-Am Soybeans XS Mid-Am Hogs XH Lumber LB
Soymeal SM Pork Bellies PB Fluid Milk (CME) DA
Mid-Am Soymeal XE Fresh Bellies FB    
Soybean Oil BO        
Mid-Am Oil XR        
Wheat W        
Wheat (mini) MW        
Kansas City Wheat KW        
Minneapolis Wheat MW        
Rough Rice NR        
Flaxseed WF        


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